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September 13, 2019

THC Internet Marketing Posts Blog on Email Marketing for Dispensaries


THC Internet Marketing, a boutique digital marketing firm specializing in digital marketing for cannabis dispensaries, recently posted an article about email marketing for dispensaries. The article discusses the benefits to cannabis dispensaries of having an email marketing campaign, serves as a guide to launching an email marketing campaign, and can be found here: https://thc.im/email-marketing-cannabis-dispensaries/.

In this article, Davis Winn, of THC Internet Marketing, gives some quick tips for dispensaries looking to make the most of their email marketing campaigns. First off, it’s very important to collect customer emails as much as possible. Once information has been collected, Winn recommends planning out emails carefully. Emails should be relationship building and only occasionally try to make a sale, in order to build trust and an ongoing relationship with customers. This is because, while new customers are important for business growth, repeat customers are an extremely valuable part of the customer base. Especially combined with a loyalty or rewards program, an email list that brings in returning customers on a regular basis has incredible bang for the buck.

“Returning customers often spend more money than new customers,” Winn commented. “When they have some brand loyalty, they’re also more likely to recommend their favorite stores to a friend. An email list is an excellent tool to help any dispensary build that kind of relationship with their customers, so they can trust that their customers are talking about them. Weed has traditionally been shared, and so has information about weed, where to get it, and who to trust. An email campaign makes it that much easier for customers to share information about their favorite dispensaries.

Email lists for email marketing campaigns are easy to set up and have lots of useful features, such as the ability to send emails to different customers depending on how they’ve interacted with the company, to schedule emails to send in the future, and to allow for tracking to see what parts of the emails are most interacted with by the email recipients. These features are often free or inexpensive after regular email campaign manager fees, and are well worth the money for the ability to target customers more specifically.

Some of the benefits of using email marketing include increasing customer retention, having a way of identifying customers, and sending targeted promotions for slow times of day or product that isn’t moving. Email marketing campaigns are especially good for getting repeat business, and have an excellent return on investment. Some additional information about email marketing for cannabis dispensaries can be found here: https://thc.im/email-marketing-for-dispensaries/.

In the last few years, cannabis has been made legal or at least decriminalized in a number of US States and countries around the world. As the legal market grows, questions about how to integrate into legal systems of banking and marketing have plagued the industry. That’s why companies like THC Internet Marketing have come along, to help dispensaries handle the details of internet marketing so they can focus on what they do best: tending bud.

Email marketing is an important part of a marketing plan for cannabis dispensaries especially because of the legal grey area they exist in. Many forms of marketing won’t work with dispensaries because of the legal liability that doing so could present. Additionally, it can be helpful to form a good relationship with customers to assure them that they are in good hands with their dispensary regardless of any shady rumors they may have heard about the cannabis industry. Any dispensary can benefit from having an email campaign.

In this brave new world of growing cannabis legalization, it’s important for sellers of cannabis to work to create an excellent connection with their customers by having a stellar dispensary marketing plan. THC Internet Marketing can help by providing information on email marketing, internet marketing and SEO services, and more. Visit their website for more information on their services, to read their blog for helpful tips on email marketing and more, or contact them to get a quote for their internet marketing services.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Davis Winn

Davis has been involved in SEO and Digital Marketing since 2004. SEO campaigns he has managed generated over 10M in sales last year.

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