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July 26, 2019

THC Internet Marketing Announces Google My Business For Dispensaries

THC Internet Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in providing traffic for cannabis dispensaries, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest post in a series of guides about Google My Business optimization for cannabis dispensaries. The series is made up of a number of highly informative posts meant to teach dispensary owners how to market themselves effectively, a process that cannabis dispensaries often find difficult to manage. The article can be found here: Google My Business Optimization for Dispensaries Part 2.

The first part in the series showed dispensaries how to set up a listing and optimize it while waiting for it to be verified. Building off this information, the recent post discusses the steps that dispensaries can take to optimize their listing after verification. “Hopefully, at this point, you’ve become somewhat familiar with the interface and will be familiar with each section in the back end of your listing,” says the post, noting that the dispensaries, “should have already filled out the basics such as your hours etc.”

The post, and the series as a whole, is written under the assumption that the reader is using a newly set up (or claimed) listing and, since GMB optimization, like most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, is an on-going process, the post aims to help the reader set up a good foundation for future marketing endeavors. The first step is to enter a name for the business, and this is usually done when initially setting up the listing. The post advises dispensary owners, “If you claimed your listing from Google and the name they had was incorrect, now is the time to fix it. It should be the name that you are registered under or at least your DBA name. The name that you would list in the phone book—you will be adding yourself to the Yellow Pages once this is all done.” Read the first part of the series on GMB optimization for dispensaries at the link provided.

According to Google, the name entered should reflect the business’ real world name, as used consistently on its storefront, website, stationery, and as it is known to customers. This is crucial because accurately representing one’s business name helps customers find it online. The post states that one is only supposed to include the name and nothing else. Some multi-location business will include the city or neighborhood of a particular branch in their Google My Business listing name which is, technically, not allowed but does not usually cause any problems, and can be a good way to differentiate separate locations that are close together.

After entering a name, the next step is to enter the category, which will ‘cannabis store,’ followed by the address, the service area for businesses that do deliveries, and service hours (including holiday hours), and an opening date if the business hasn’t opened yet. The post also advises dispensaries to include their ‘short name’ on their listing, along with their website URL.

The actual marketing is done in the ‘Description’ section. “This is where you get to pitch your business,” says the post. “Google gives you 750 characters but it will be truncated at 250 characters in the Knowledge Panel and it will be on the “About” Tab on Mobile. I could, and probably will, write an entire post on how to write the description. I went over this in Part 1, but to reiterate, consider this your chance to pitch your business, don’t keyword stuff, and keep the most important parts at the top as anything after 250 characters will require the user to click to see it.”

After explaining how to set up a listing, the post then goes into detail about many other aspects of the process, including the various tabs, how to respond to negative reviews, what kind of images to upload, and much more to help any business create the perfect listing.

THC Internet Marketing has developed proven systems for marketing cannabis dispensaries and achieved positive results through these methods. The company’s aim is to increase in-store visits by expanding their clients’ visibility and providing reputation management solutions to convert that visibility into loyal customers.

Anyone looking to improve the visibility of their cannabis dispensary can rely on THC Internet Marketing’s tried and tested marketing methods. Cannabis marketing takes a lot more than just SEO, and THC Internet Marketing is ready to go the extra mile to make their clients’ stores more visible. Find out more about the dispensary marketing agency at the link provided.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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