​R​eputation Management for Dispensaries

​We all know how important reputation is. In the dispensary game it may be even more important than for other more traditional businesses. You're customers are always looking for the best product. When one dispensary has the best weed - the word travels fast. Using online reputation management techniques you can amplify traditional word of mouth. 

Customer reviews have a big impact on the behavior of customers and the performance of a company's brand. Reviews may quite literally make or break sales of services, and the quality and quantity of online feedback plays a huge role in a company’s bottom line.

According to a survey by Bright Local, 88% of consumers read online reviews, and 85% of people trust them just as much as a personal recommendation. So, a lack of user reviews on Google and other crowd-sourced review websites like Yelp, or ignoring consumer reviews as a potential marketing opportunity means that a company is excluding a whopping 88% of the
buying community.

More Stars Equals More Clicks

The average number of stars that a company receives makes a huge impression on customers and influences the rate at which they contact a company in the 3-Pack. Listings with five-star reviews earned 69% of the attention on the 3-Pack, while four stars earned 59% of the attention, and three stars earned 44%.

Click Through Rates By Star Rating

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More Stars Also Equals More Sales

Research has shown a causal relationship between Yelp star ratings and restaurant activity and revenues. One study demonstrated that an extra half-star rating on Yelp causes restaurants to sell out up to 49% more frequently at peak hours. Another found that a one-star increase on Yelp yields a revenue increase of 5% to 9% for restaurants. For dispensaries these numbers may be even more profound.

​Negative Reviews Are More Important Than Positive Ones

​Say What!? We all know that some people will complain about anything and will never be satisfied. ​There will always be some negative reviews no matter what you do. They are important because the legitimate complaints give you important feedback about your business and how to improve your customer service. People see the whiners for what they are, but how you handle legitimate negative reviews says a lot about you. 

Opportunities Provided by Negative Reviews

  • ​Project legitimacy and authenticity
  • ​Correct issues that need correcting
  • ​Steer potential customers away from a bad fit

3 Steps to More Reviews

Provide a way to ask and remind customers to share their experience online.

Drive customers to an
asset or destination that’s designed to convert them into reviewers

Guide each reviewer through selecting the best possible review site and completing a review

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