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July 11, 2019

Dispensary Marketing Agency Shares Expertise On Google My Business Optimization

THC Internet Marketing, a boutique dispensary marketing agency, is pleased to announce that they are taking steps to share their industry knowledge and expertise regarding Google My Business (GMB) Optimization with cannabis dispensaries. These steps come in the form of an ongoing series of comprehensive posts and articles on the topic, which the company aims to regularly publish. Interested parties may note that two such posts are already available online.

“As a dispensary, one of the most important things you can do to increase your visibility and attract more customers is to optimize your Google My Business listing,” says company representative Davis Winn through their website. “This is a crucial part of any dispensary marketing strategy. It is likely that you have already done a lot of what I will detail below, but I will go through the complete process to ensure that you have all the steps.”

Steps like these are necessary, says Winn, because dispensaries face certain difficulties when they try to market online, given that they often face a larger share of legal issues coupled with difficulty adapting traditional marketing methods that have otherwise proven lucrative in the past. Winn notes that, “It can be difficult for dispensaries to get the kind of marketing that they need for success. Because these are typically brick and mortar businesses, knowing how to track an in store visit that originated online is crucial in determining the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.” Learn more here: Optimize Google My Business for dispensaries.

First and foremost, Winn advises, dispensaries should claim and verify their online Google Maps listing. This is the most crucial step, since it immediately opens up other avenues for marketing as well as a host of more subtle improvements to a dispensary’s visibility, such as increasing the likelihood of their business appearing in related search results. Winn adds, “You will also be more likely to show in the Knowledge Panel if your GMB listing is verified.”

The Knowledge Panel is a miniature sidebar that is created next to the displayed search results if the Google search engine believes it knows exactly which company (or other information) the user is looking for. It will usually include a more user friendly interface that makes interacting with the business a more attractive option. It does this by providing easy access to commonly used resources, such as a direct link to the company’s website, direct access to directions to find the business’ premises, their opening hours, the ability to ask the company a question, a list of available reviews, and more.

Gaining a verified listing is especially vital given the competitive nature of the cannabis industry. Winn says, “Without a verified listing, it is unlikely that you will ever appear in the coveted 3 Pack when someone performs a relevant search. This may be possible in some industries but I have yet to see an unverified listing appear there in the highly competitive cannabis industry. A properly optimized listing is a crucial part of a local SEO strategy.” Once a business is claimed, the business owner will be prompted to add their address, alongside other relevant questions such as whether the business offers its product and/or services outside the stated address. Whatever the answer, Winn strongly advises that the information provided be both accurate and consistent with other sources, such as on the company website and promotional materials. This will reduce any chances of confusion, and repeated exposure to this information will encourage users to engage with the business.

Retaining a verified GMB listing allows a company to manage their reviews, curate photos of the business taken by their customers, respond to inquiries (such as those that appear in the Knowledge Panel), view valuable insights regarding how customers find the business, and much more. The company notes that, “Having an optimized listing has become even more important over the last few years. In fact it has increased from 14.7% of a businesses ranking factor to over 25% in the last year, according to a survey of SEO professionals.”

Those who wish to learn more about dispensary advertising may contact David Winn of THC Internet Marketing. The company can also be reached through their website, and interested parties may follow them via their social media platforms to receive notifications when the company publishes new articles on the subject.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Davis Winn

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