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August 9, 2019

Cannabis POS Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

While not a marketing component per se, your choice of point of sale system will greatly affect your customer’s experience in your dispensary, and so it is an indirect marketing factor. Having a Point of Sale System that can automatically update your menus on some of the bigger dispensary sites such as Weedmaps or Wikileaf and Leafly is a huge plus. Integration with marketing platforms such as Weedmaps help make your marketing efforts on those platforms more efficient and less time consuming. Some of the systems below come with the ability to create digital menu screens for your store to help display your products and pricing so customers can make appropriate decisions without being pressed up against the counter or display case. All of this makes for a more pleasant in-store experience which leads to more return customers.

As cannabis consumption becomes more mainstream, creating a professional retail image is the key to successfully attracting and retaining some of the fastest growing segments of cannabis consumers like baby boomers, fitness enthusiasts, new moms, et cetera. 

​Kyle Sherman, Flowhub Founder and CEO


Overview of Cannabis POS Systems

We took a look at the Following POS Sy​stems Click the Link To Jump to that section. The best choice will largely depend on your individual situation and the features that are important to you. A judicious choice of POS can mean a better customer experience and can make your day to day dispensary marketing tasks more efficient through seamless integration with various live menu sites.


Indica Online


  • ​24/7 Support
  • ​HIPAA Compliant
  • ​Transparent Pricing


  • Delivery Not Available with all Price Plans
  • ​Enterprise POS plan price not listed
  • ​POS can be glitchy at times, report users

​IndicaOnline has been in the cannabis industry since 2011. Their software is comprehensive and gives you all you need to run your business in a compliant and efficient way. Some of this POS’s most desirable features are the inventory tracking feature, so you always know when to call out to your supplier; the ability to track patients; so you always know what a certain client wants to buy, seed to sale tracking in case your state requires you to always keep track of where your plants come from, and the opportunity to begin a loyalty program.

This is pretty simple: Suppose a client purchases $150 worth of bud. You can then offer them a discount, or perhaps a free product. And aside from a loyalty program, you can also get a delivery program going with this POS.

This is a good way to keep people who have limited transportation coming back and buying from your shop. And with the full compliance of this product, your drivers will be told where they can and cannot go. These are just a few of the wonderful things IndicaOnline can do.

To have the IndicaOnline system in your dispensary is pretty reasonable. It begins at $249 and goes up from there. If you ever experience a problem with your system, help is available around the clock online, and also from 7 am to 9 PM PDT.

Perhaps the thing we liked most about IndicaOnline was the safety of the software. We discovered it was certified HIPAA compliant and all the info is encrypted. The next best thing is the compliance of IndicaOnline.

Compliance refers to how well a POS handles transaction based upon your state and local regulations and laws surrounding marijuana. This POS will only sell to clientele that are within the legal sale area. This helps minimize your risk and keeps your dispensary legal as can be.

We think that IndicaOnline really knocks it out of the park with live map integrations. They work with METRC, Potify, and Weedmaps to keep your clients in the loop about what you’re offering. 


Cova Software


  • ​​Website is comprehensive
  • ​US and Canada Compliant
  • ​Specialized support


  • ​Seed to sale is not automatically included
  • ​Not available for Montana dispensaries

Upon first glance at Cova’s website, we know they mean business. After all they have been in operation since 1999. Their site is a reflection of their POS; clean, quick and easy to navigate. If you want a POS system for a new dispensary or you are training new budtenders, this is the POS we think will help the most.

We appreciate that they are completely compliant with all of your state and local regulations, and another great thing that will keep business flowing strong is the average time of transaction being 1.4 seconds. Plus, delivery with Cova is a breeze. Drivers will know where they can and cannot go thanks to the compliance feature, generate e-receipts, and keep track of the dispensary’s inventory.

Furthermore, in the event of the Wi-Fi going down, this has a nice offline mode. Let’s go back to that compliance: This POS has an age scanner, a feature that regulates the amount of product a customer can buy, and also limits the hours of which you can process cannabis transactions, so they are compliant with your local laws. Once again, we cannot stress how helpful this is for new budtenders as well as your shop to stay clear of any potential mistakes that could get you in trouble. While on the topic of compliance, we should note that seed to sale tracking is available but only by way of an optional integration.

Pricing begins at $449 US for this POS. You get a lot of wonderful support through this POS by way of the Cova Support site, available round the clock for you.

Aside from being fully compliant with your state, the customers you serve shall be well protected by way of the SSL encryption utilized for all customers and their transactions. There is an extra layer of security in the way of Cova’s parent company being PCI-DSS certified. Being certified in this manner means that that company and Cova have to undergo an annual, third-party check to verify they are as secure as ever.

If live menu integrations are what you seek, turn to Leafly and Iheartjane for your best bets. These integrate seamlessly with Cova. 




  • ​Available in all ​recreational marijuana states
  • ​Live chat feature on website
  • ​Multi Store Support


  • ​Not available for Canadian customers
  • ​Delivery not part of their features of their POS system

This POS is for the dispensary owner who wants everything his or her special way. This team may be a young one, having been around since 2015, but don’t sleep on them. You can customize your POS setup. You can also limit the stuff employees have access to, such as daily reports. Keeping up to date with record keeping is easy.

CSV files can be uploaded as a way of creating a product listing. This one is also easy for employees to learn. Veteran and new budtenders alike will appreciate its simplicity. And, for the owner, rejoice in the fact that you can report earnings and compliance information each day with the handy METRC integration.

If you are ready to take the plunge and get FlowHub into your dispensary, you can expect to pay $499 plus. If you have more than one shop, you will have to request a quote through the Enterprise pricing plan, but not to worry. The support you get from Flowhub is bar none the most convenient, with hours running 8am to 8pm.

Security and compliance are in the bag when it comes to FlowHub. The techies that designed it are all veterans of the software industry, so they spared no aspect of quality making this POS. All info is encrypted using SSL while in transit. Anything on the system itself-on disk-is encrypted so it shall not be physically compromised.

As far as compliance goes, Flowhub was first to be partnered with METRC, which tracks cannabis from seed to sale. You will always be compliant with what your state requires as far as tracking, and you will sell only to people who are eligible to purchase your products. If your dispensary needs seed to sale integrations, simply ask your compliance expert.

FlowHub really takes the cake when you want Live Menu integrations. The big names are all here: TokeIn, PotGuide, Leafly, Leafbuyer, Dutchie, Wikileaf and iheartjane. These are also the ways in which you will make deliveries with your FlowHub POS. Dutchie, for example,

Delivery: Can be done using one of the Live Menu integration choices, such as Dutchie. 




  • ​built in online ordering
  • ​Integrated SMS Marketing
  • ​Recently added Arizona


  • ​Delivery not offered on its POS
  • ​POS lacks Live Menu Integrations

Posabit is what we would call a “youngster” having only been in operation since 2015, but they are really taking things by storm. The features listed right on their splash page for the system are great, ranging from in-person POS training, to customer profiles that help keep track of clients’ favorite stuff, to LEAF and METRC integration, to build in state compliance all in a sleek and cool POS package-you get excited at the prospect of doing business with these people.

After all, they are great if you own multiple dispensaries, as you can use the management console that allows you to track business from any location.

We noticed that, after checking their site, pricing was not listed. Please contact Posabit for a demo. And those already sold, fret not-the polite support staff is always available for Posabit POS customers around the clock.

Security and compliance are taken seriously with Posabit. The POS you buy will come loaded with all the compliance needs of your state. Posabit is like Cova in that it is PCI-DSS compliant. This POS is KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) compliant.

Basically, in a nutshell, you will have a profile on your customer for secure sales and of course loyalty. Their seed to sale data system is on point, and they even stated in ​Financial Post the importance of having access to such data.

Live menu integrations are supported via Leafly. However, we did find that delivery was not supported by this particular POS (the website did not indicate delivery was part of its systems). 




  • ​Website is clean, comprehensive and lists all features
  • ​Easy to start a customer loyalty program
  • ​Keeps you prepared and ready for audits or other financial inquiries. 


  • ​No live menu supports.
  • ​No direct phone number for tech support

Meadow really does it all when you want a POS that doesn’t quit. The diverse team, in operation since 2014, has created a user-friendly POS that comes with a heap of great features. Online ordering, a loyalty program, delivery, and of course top-notch security are just a few of the great things you get with Meadow.

No matter how you spin it, the team behind Meadow knows you mean business and their goal is to keep yours up and running. They even have the option for customers to order online and pickup in store or have their products delivered.

Everything is very user-friendly and works with an iPad, which many budtenders will probably already be familiar with. Barcode support is available too, and the system does a great job of helping you keep inventory in check. You can also generate reports and start a customer loyalty program. And should you need support, just shoot them an email or go onto any major social media platform for help.

Pricing is scalable based upon the size of your dispensary. Zero setup and zero hidden fees, too.

Now onto what matters most: Customer security and state compliance. Your data is safe and stored in multiple locations if, heaven forbid, the system should ever go down. The uptime, or the time spent operational, is 99.999% on this POS, and of course encryption is part of their package.

Your system will come ready-made to be compliant with your state’s laws. Your system will be METRC validated, and in the event, you are to be audited, reports and analytics can be generated immediately to aid you in getting through it. Furthermore, those of you needing seed to sale compliance will be happy to know this is METRC validated

When it comes to live menu integrations, we could not find anything on their site indicating the supported a live menu. They do, however, help you make use of SMS as a means of delivering your buds to consumers. 




  • ​Can aid you in establishing a cannabis bank account
  • ​​Offer reloadable branded customer cards for loyalty programs
  • ​Seed to Sale software is comprehensive and easy to find under “cannabis software”


  • ​May have to sign an NDA before integrating their system. 
  • ​Website provides limited company information. 

NaturePay was a bit of a tough nut to crack, even though they’ve been around since 2015. They seem to have a great product for sale, but their website is a little lacking in terms of info. This is not meant to be a critical statement; just an observation.

This POS has some pretty good features: You can use a credit and debit card to pay for product, make use of loyalty programs for clients, and you can also use the system to serve both your medicinal and recreational clientele. Should you need an ATM for clients to use cash, you may also inquire about those services, too.

We did not see a pricing list for POS, but we were informed via a credit-card payment review site that you pay monthly (you don’t sign a contract), and that consumers are charged about 6% plus 30 cents per transaction. The reviewer noted that there were also no hidden fees, termination costs or reserves to pay.

Support is done by way of a form filled out on the NaturePay website, and someone gets back to you in a timely manner. The specifics of state compliance are not laid out on NaturePay’s website, but it is highly likely they will consult with you about your particular state and create a system just for you.

Their website absolutely discusses the need for compliance, and we can infer from this it is just as important to them as it is to us. Plus, they can offer you seed to sale software program that is easy to use and great for new employees or even veteran dispensary owners who simply want tracking that works.

They also take security seriously, too-check out this blog post we found. Their line on security in that post relates to their seed to sale software, but their POS is secure and safe. While the security and compliance seem on point, we did not see any live menu integrations listed. It should also be noted that delivery was not listed as part of the NaturePay POS features. 


MMJ Menu


  • ​30 Day free trial
  • ​Fully compliant with your state’s laws
  • ​Colorado dispensaries no longer have to worry about MMED reports


  • ​Integrates only with Weedmaps

If you are a Weedmaps fan, really consider what MMJMenu can do for you. After all, it is powered by Weedmaps, so expect that as part of the live menu integration services you desire. (Delivery is easy when you go through Weedmaps). And that’s not all you can expect from this established company.

They’ve been in the “green” business since 2011, and their POS really shows it. With them, you get some great things that will make you and your customers happy: grams sold of each product, discounts, frequent buyer rewards, and hardware that is easy to integrate.

Keeping your patients happy has never been easier. Scan in all medical paperwork from your clients, and then use it to get them just what they need. MMED reports can be generated for dispensaries in Colorado, saving you lots of time. Employee hours and vendor orders may also be tracked using this “one and done” system. There are over a dozen great features to enjoy about this system, all of which either keep you compliant, safe or keep track of your numbers.

Pricing was not listed outright on the website, but we suspect it will scale based on how many systems you will have in your dispensary. Do take advantage of the 30-day trial so you can see if it is right for you. Should you need support at any time, go under “customer login” and there you will see support options.

Your patients may not know it, but they will love this POS because their info is secure. You can upload their medical files and then view them using a secure link. The link expires after one use and cannot be viewed by anyone else. A blog post here details this for you.

Compliance is also something MMJMenu takes very seriously. Many of their features are all about staying safe and avoiding risk, such as notifications that pop up when medical expirations occur. You can even see testimonials from dispensary owners praising the usefulness of MMJMenu. Seed to sale is also part of the package here, too-after all, MMJMenu is an industry leader in such software. 

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Cannabis POS Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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