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July 3, 2019

Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Agency Announces New Website

THC Internet Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in traffic for cannabis dispensaries. The Vancouver, British Columbia based company recently announced their official business launch, as well as the launch of their new website.

The company’s new website can be seen at https://thc.im. Davis Winn, a representative for the company says, “It can be difficult for dispensaries to get the kind of marketing that they need for success. Because these are typically brick and mortar businesses, knowing how to market them is essential for anyone who wants to see a lot of traffic.”

Winn says that the company has worked to develop online and offline marketing strategies that have proven to be very successful for dispensaries in the past. He adds that dispensaries face a lot of issues regarding legalities, as well as hostility of some traditional marketing methods that other businesses find lucrative. Because of these challenges, he adds that there are certain marketing strategies that must be used in order for dispensaries to enjoy successful marketing.

“We started with a very limited toolset,” says Winn. “And we worked with what we had until we developed a marketing strategy that will help these dispensaries to get the kind of business that they need to stay open.”

Winn says that an outline of the services that they provide can be seen at https://g.page/dispensary-seo/. He adds that the company uses visibility, customer communication and reputation to provide businesses with a clear and concise marketing plan that will help them to meet and exceed their business goals.

Winn says that Google Maps has become a vital tool in helping to market these businesses, and so the company has developed systems for maps that enable customers to more easily find the dispensaries in their local areas. He adds that business reputation is important no matter what the type of business in question, and that the company offers a number of strategies for improving the reputation of dispensaries and getting them the business that they want.

The company’s new website offers detailed information about how they help dispensaries to be found. Winn adds that dispensaries can contact them to receive a free web presence audit and marketing plan that will help the business to know what they need to do in order to increase their business presence. He states that while most SEO companies will audit websites and offer to optimize a set number of pages for a set number of keywords, his company offers a results based approach that looks beyond simple keyword ranking, helping dispensaries to complete their online presence, including their social media accounts and other actions that will help them to better be found. They also look for ways to help dispensaries retain those customers once their business has been earned.

Studies show that online presence is important for any business, even those that do not offer their goods or services online. Winn states that social media accounts on sites like Facebook and Instagram can go a long way in helping businesses to garner local customers. He adds that without an online presence, many businesses will fail to meet their customer goals.

Most consumers today use smartphones and other online devices to find brick and mortar businesses. These consumers will read through reviews left by other customers online and even use maps to locate the business that is closest to them. Online reputation has become one of the best ways to garner new business and Winn states that any dispensary needs a solid online reputation in order to compete with other similar businesses, particularly in an industry that is often shrouded with negativity in the first place.

THC Internet Marketing is now open and providing much needed SEO and other services for dispensaries. Those who are interested can visit the company on their own new website to learn more about what they do and how they do it. Interested dispensaries can also visit the company on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thcim to learn more or to interact with other dispensaries that the company has assisted through various means of SEO. Contact information for those who wish to schedule a business audit can be found on the new website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Davis Winn

Davis has been involved in SEO and Digital Marketing since 2004. SEO campaigns he has managed generated over 10M in sales last year.

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