​About THC Internet Marketing

​THC Internet Marketing started as an offshoot of our experiences in marketing for a diverse group of clients. Over time we realized that our dispensary clients tended to be some of our most successful clients, and the clients that we most enjoyed working with.

The Challenge of Marketing For Dispensaries

​Due their retail and brick and mortar nature, marketing for dispensaries presented a challenge. We had to find ways to connect the online and offline worlds. ​The ambiguous legal status of these businesses ​coupled with the reluctance and sometimes outright hostility of traditional marketing channels toward them, meant we had a limited toolset. This gave us a chance to really hone our chops when it came to the three main channels we've come to focus on.


We've found that Maps is the single biggest visibility factor when it comes to marketing dispensaries. It's no accident that the two biggest dispensary apps are maps based. People need to be able to get to your store! This is why we developed systems for not only Google Maps, but other systems for channels such as Automotive navigation systems.


Let's face it, the cannabis business has had a checkered past and still finds itself in a grey area in many locations. Even though things have changed from the days of street dealers and getting weed from "a buddy", word of mouth is perhaps more important than ever. It now has the power of the internet to multiply that word of mouth effect - for better or worse.

Customer Communication

We had to develop systems to build customer loyalty for dispensaries. This requires communication. We came up with a few novel ways to build an email list from in store visits and send out offers that encourage interaction. Email is a great way to communicate with your customers and keep them informed of new strains and products as they come in.

Our Team

You'll have to forgive ​the disguises. This is still the cannabis business. As Canadians, we'd like to be able to visit our US clients if necessary!

Dave C.


​Dave has been in ​web development and online marketing​ since 2004. He began as an affiliate and moved into providing client services for attorneys and PR firms in 2008. He enjoys travel and is constantly learning more about the wonderful benefits of cannabis. His knowledge of the Google ecosystem is unparalleled.

Merlinda C


​​​Known as "Merlin" around the office for her sheer wizardry when is comes to media management. She manages tens of thousands of images and a team of writers and graphic artists. She is also a master at utilizing the press to your advantage. She has somehow managed to find a way to be productive on Facebook.

M​ax R

​Lead Developer

​​​Known as "​The Kid" around the office. Max is our resident ​code master. ​If your marketing goals require some new functionality on your website. Max will get it done. ​He has been ​developing code since he could talk and has developed systems ​keep our organization lean. We're hoping he doesn't get scooped up by NASA

Our Office is the Internet

We try and bring together the best people in a given skillset no matter where they live. Our office is the Internet. All of our meetings are virtual, but we do provide face to face meetings for clients on their turf if they feel it's necessary. This allows us to provide a level of service that not even the big agencies with their fishbowl conference rooms can match, while keeping costs affordable for small businesses.

THC-Internet Office

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